The scientist : 292 Skellies scientist have been on mission to build the Cool artwork connected with a vibrant community and fresh Web3 ideas gave Skellies a unique vibe.


Monitor & filter out the NFT collection in real time to biforcate your portfolio.


Track , search , filter and buying selling through our website. View chart & setting changes of mints to track demand and detect red flags or warnings


View , manage & track the history of your NFT account/ portfolio any time.


Track performance, charts & history for all mint and collections to analyze statistically it's performance and market trends.


View , filter and sort a list of all NFT collection. User can also view the individual page of a collection to view charts and data.


An insights dashboard that lets you view top and bottom performance in terms of sales, floor improvements , social metrics , launchpad successes and many more so user can track with what's buzzing.


Search , sort and view the performance and charts of marketplace. Proud to say that we are the only providers in Aptos Ecosystem.


Comprehensive guides to Aptos NFT. tutorial , beginners courses, education videos are the premium features. DAO , utility tools, collections, minting and investment to help you succeed.


Access to our holders channels which includes discussion, updated links to the latest features and content relating to the latest alpha Group and NFTs

Mint Notis

Be notified on discord whenever mints are discovered or mint activity is detected.

Watch List

View , organize and track a list of mints or collection that you're interested in.

Red Flag

View and be notified of all red flags detected for upcoming NFT projects. This features essentially exposes flags in projects.


Organize and view a list of upcoming NFT projects into one singular dashboard.


Privacy and security of every user will be the top most concern.